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Fencing Options: Materials and Styles – Part 1

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Which is the Right Fencing Installation for You?

Many people nowadays choose to surround their properties with fencing. The reasons for that may vary, but the most obvious benefits of booking a fence installation are that fences provide privacy for your yard and home. They can also help you keep wild animals away from flowers and vegetable gardens, accentuate flower beds and other landscaping keep your children and pets in the yard to protect them from all street dangers, as well as to increase the curb appeal of your home.

There are several fencing options which a fence contractor will let you choose from. Today A Plus Fence of the Treasure Coast - Vero Beach, of Vero Beach FL will present you the first 2 types of fences:
Wood fencing

  • Durability – Ii is naturally resistant to rotting and decay. Unfortunately, it shows age and changes its appearance over time.
  • Maintenance – It is recommended that you have it sealed if you want to protect it from the elements. If stained or painted they will need some touch ups from time to time.
  • Aesthetics – Such a fence will give your home a natural rustic look. Due to the fact that you can paint it, the colors it can be offered in have no limit, so you can be creative as much as you want. If solid style is installed, it will offer a high level of privacy. If a space picket style is installed, it will offer an open feel.
  • Considerations – The first one is that it ages quite fast compared to other materials – from 15 to 20 years. Luckily it is biodegradable and can be repurposed at the end of its life.

Chain link fencing

  • Durability – It will not warp, crack, or split.
  • Maintenance – Low to no maintenance.
  • Aesthetics – Vinyl coated options are available in different colors to blend with the surroundings. Privacy slats are available to give you more privacy, if desired.

Considerations – This type of fences offer protection but less privacy.